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Marijuana or Cannabis has been used for medical and spiritual purposes for thousands of years and is said to cure about two hundred illnesses. The plant also referred to as weed offers relief for painful conditions and there are speculations about its anti-cancer properties. On the other hand, if consumed for purposes other than medical, its chemicals may adversely affect health. Marijuana is a mixture of leaves, seeds and stems of the Cannabis plant that needs to be ground before use. When it is ground into fine particles it is usually rolled into cigars or used in vaporizers and pipes. When fresh, marijuana comes with compact nugs covered with tiny crystals. These crystals or kief are collected and later used in a joint. If you are a marijuana user and in need of a good grinder for your weed, are you familiar with what features to look for in a grinder?

About Grinders

Grinders come in different styles and sizes, they are made of plastic, wood or metal and with hundreds of styles on the market you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Most grinders consist of two or more parts and function almost the same way. As with all other products, the most important feature to look for in a grinder is the material.

  • Plastic grinders – although there are good plastic grinders on the market what disappoints most users is the fact that teeth may easily break and they do not get fine consistency ground weed. Plastic grinders are definitely less durable than metal ones and does not last as long.
  • Metal grinders –they are made of titanium, aluminum or aluminum mixed with other elements for better results. With metal grinders there are often three or more layers with a kief collector and the teeth are sharper than the plastic ones.
  • Wooden grinders – these used to be popular before metal ones were invented and some people still use them . The only disadvantage is they loose teeth easily. The most important thing is you get finelly ground weed no matter what grinder you use so if you are happy with your wooden device keep on using it.

Special features

When buying a grinder always consider the sharpness of its teeth, the number of layers, the magnetic lids and of course the price. With grinders you get what you pay for so if you need it for a long time be prepared to pay a bit more money for it.

Grind With Style

  • Space Case grinders – renowned for their excellent material and design, these are the best American grinders on the market. They are made of aerospace aluminum coated with titanium for strength and durability. They do not scratch if dropped and they are rust resistant and easy to clean. The teeth are very sharp and grind perfectly. These grinders have Teflon O Ring which is supposed to give smooth grinding and prevent the pieces from scratching. Space Case grinders have magnetic lids which keep the grinder firmly closed and in case you drop it the contents will not spill. You can choose between two or four piece grinders, where with four piece you get kief screens in a special chamber for collecting kief.

Space Case are the best grinders you can buy but they are expensive. If you are looking for a grinder that can last for at least ten years, invest in the Space Case grinders. You will not regret it.

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